Sunday, March 18, 2012


When I prepared my sermon for today at a church near by, I had thought it would be
a serious sermon on having things being over due in our life's. Little did I know that
the sermon turned out being full of humor. I think it was God's gift of lifting the loads
some carry day by day. We all are over due at times of saying, "I love you.Or, listing
without talking so we hear the pain and problems that other's carry. And then there
are times when we're long over due in helping others in some way.
I found myself sharing some funny stories that hit home in the hearts of those there
today. I doubt I could ever preach the same sermon again. It was God's tailor made
sermon for the people to whom I preached. Maybe it was a sermon that was long
over due. There are no Do Overs at times.

Thursday, March 08, 2012


The local news paper needed my picture to go with an article that will be in the
paper soon. The picture on my blogg is what I asked them to consider making
use of for it. They may want my better side, my back. They may want to shoot
me. They may wonder why I am not as good looking as they thought I might
be. We shall see.
It is a real honor to be asked to send in information about myself and what
I read. I love reading and I love to read about what other's read about. When
someone ask me why I spend so much time at Barnes & Noble reading and
sipping a cup of coffee, I tell them that it's because I like to read and I like to
be with people. All I can say is, I hope the one's who have coffee with me will
treat me nice after they have read what I have to say. I hope I don't get shot

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I've been giving a great deal of thought to how I need to be a better husband, father,
brother and neighbor. For the most part, I think I do pretty well with these people
in my life. I just feel that I could do better, far better. Maybe I should ponder this
thought for some time rather than make a snap judgement. After all, I don't want
to dismiss the matter and be done with it. This is something that I need to fine-
tune with great care.
For example: How can I spend more time with these people? How can I express
my love and concern for these people? And, how can I remove the things that
trip me up and leave me (and them) wondering why I said what I said or why
did I do what I did? Couldn't I have been more sensitive? I wonder what they
think when they consider these things. Is is good or is it bad? What would they
tell me to do to make things go better?
I'm just thinking about these things. Now I have to do something to improve
my relationships with people who mean so very much to me. Just pondering
won't get the job done, will it? It takes taking action. It takes change. It takes
intentional moves on my part for the thinking to become more than that. I
think I will get started very soon and see what comes from it.

Monday, March 05, 2012


The busyness of several weeks is winding down this week. I will soon be finished with
writing sermon study materials for small groups, an article for the memorial service
for my twin, and an article for the local newspaper. All of these things have taken a
great deal of time and effort on my part. Yet, it is a very high honor to have been asked
to do these things. I have no regrets as things wind down.
For things to wind down, they first have to wind up. These things wound up in my
face all at once it seems. I was overwhelmed that they even asked me to do them.
After all, I'm talking about God's Word, my twin brother and what I like to read. I
could of taken several paths getting to where I wanted and needed to be. But I sought
to stay on shorter paths that would take less time and effort. I could of said and done
so much more. I could of gone on and on. There are times when the less said is the
best said. As I'm winding down on my work, I'm wound up with excitement that I
might say something that will encourage others, help others, inform and inspire
others in some small way. What an honor to try to do such a thing.
When my life is winding down, I sure hope that it has been able to make the lives of
others better, happier and closer to the heart of God.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

"I;m Gonna' Wash....."

While watching (and listening) to Bro. Bard preach at the 8:15 service this moring my
mind wandered ( I confess it) to his gray beard and gray shirt. I got to thinking maybe
he had decided to "was this gray right out of my beard...." and that's why his once white
shirt was now gray. After the 8:15 service he baptized several young people by immersion
in our pool. I saw then that he still had the same gray shirt on as he dunked dozen's of
our children and youth. When he came back out to preach a few minutes later he had
on a white shirt. I think it's a miracle because God must of said, "I'm gonna' wash this
gray right out of his shirt..." thus, a really sparkling clean (dry) white shirt. Wow!
Then I saw a man with really a pretty sweater on with a very small purple design on
it. I asked him if he had spilled communion juice on it. "I'm gonna was this stain right
out of my sweater..." I told him to put a band-aid on it and no one would notice the
stain. He told me to get lost. I was just trying to help him go and stain no more....

Friday, February 24, 2012


I had to go to the court house today to take care of our car tag and a couple of other things.
When I started up the steps to the entrance, I almost fell. A young man asked me if I was
ok and then held both doors open for me. He was so kind to take the time to watch over
me like that. While we were waiting in line for fifteen minutes or so, we shared a couple
of laughs and spoke about two or three other things before going our on ways.
It amazes me how many people take the time to open doors for me when I'm out and
about. I don't have to ask them to do it for me, they just do. I go and try to do like-wise
as often as possible. As I was leaving Barnes & Noble this morning, I held the door open
for a woman walking into the bookstore. I could of acted as if I hadn't seen her coming
in and just walked right past her. But when she thanked me for being so nice, I knew
then and there that when I'm out and about that I need to be on guard for ways to do
for others what some do for an old man with a cane.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am through shoveling snow in our drive way, side walk, street, I-65 and am
ready for bed. I'm amazed at how it helped make my day and everyone's day
so much better & so much safer. No snow.
I went to the 8:15 & 9:30 servies at Broadway, out to eat, and Barnes & Noble,
watched golf, napped & now working with mid-week small group study stuff.
On top of that, I called my younger brother to wish him a Happy Birthday. If
I can, I'll give him a gift when I see him. He was resting after a busy day and
turning older like other people I know. My gift was NO SNOW.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Some say snow is on our way. Some say they can't say how much snow might fall
tonight and Sunday. Whatever happens, try to enjoy the silence of the snow. This
might be a good time to listen to the silence of the snow as it sneaks in and covers
the ground. It could be quite a snow, folks. This might be a good time to "be still.."
and listen to the silence. This might be a good time to check on family and friends
to see if they are safe in the snow. this might be a good time to build a snowman
with hearing aids, glasses, a UK cap or even a snowwoman with her hands up in
the air to decalre, "It's snowing."
This might be a good time to throw a snow ball at someone when they are not
expecting it. This might be a good time to hope the snow will come and go, softly
into the night. That's what I say.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


All day long I've left love notes for my wife to find. They were on her food tray for her
breakfast, in the fridge, under the computer lid, etc.
I left a love note to our daughter near the dash of her crv. Derby Pie, her dog, even
left her a love note under her food in her crv.
My wife hugged me for what I had done and said. She didn't have to do that but she
did. Made my day making her day.
You see, love lifted me. God's love and the love of my dear wife. That's why I want
to lift other's up through love by the things I do and say. And, the things I don't do'
or say. When I fail, quite often, she still loves me just like the Lord. That's what
makes our marriage go around and around and around.....

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bridge Over Troubled Water

I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkel singing Bridge Over Troubled Water and
other songs while working in my study tonight. I have so many memories of it
when I was much younger. These CD's belong to our daughter and are good to
hear again.
When I stop to consider all the bridge's I've crossed over troubled water, it
stops me in my tracks. There has always been someone there to help me make
it across those rapid and deep waters. Family, friends, faith, all these have helped
me with words, prayers, love, encouragement, etc. They still do. For these I am
so gratefull.
As my 68th birthday draws nearer, I reflect upon the many miles I've come thus
far in my life. I've been up and I've been down. I've been sick and I've been well.
I've been amazed at where I've been and what I've done. I've been amazed at where
I've not been and not done, and thank the Lord for leading me along the pathway's.
There is music in my ear's as I work sit at this desk, and there is music down deep
in my soul as I sing praises to the Lord. He has been my constant companion on
bridge after bridge. May I allow Him to direct my steps in the future.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My wife and I went to Nashville Monday for me to see my M. S. Doctor. He has been
my Doctor now for about nine years, and is always impressed at how well I'm doing.
He told me the same thing yesteray and encouraged me to exercise more if I can take
the pain. After telling him that I would, I asked him how come the two of us hadn't
changed at all throughout the years. He paused, looked at me and smiled. Then he
said something about all his gray hair, as if to say, "see what you've done to me!!"
After some blood work we headed across the state line back to civilization (KY)
but not before stopping at Cracker Barrel for supper.
Today I had an early morning meeting with someone at IHOP to talk over some
things about a college I attended a couple of years ago (I Wish). Then I had to stop
in at Barnes & Noble to read for awhile from a couple of new books I'm enjoying.
But before leaving, I picked up two more to brouse. I put them back down knowing
I don't need to buy them, although I most likely will read them some other time.
After my morning of being out and about, I headed home and ended up holding
Derby after he had had a bath. He was snug as a bug in a dry, warm rug while he
dried off and left me all wet. It's hard having a lap dog, laptop, newspaper and
telephone in my lap but we survived, even slept some (not much though).
Tonight I'm working with our Bible study group again since we start another
session Wednesday afternoon. Even if I am very tired tonight, I'm so gald I
can do all I do. Some sleep will restore my body and I will awaken to yet another
day and start all over again. After all, it's just another day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I have my regular check-up at the M. S. Clinic in Nashville Monday. They will check
me in, check me out & take my check. I hope the check-out is up and the check is low.
I always have to provide meds that I take so I take a long list so I won't be so long on
giving them the right information. I thought about adding a couple of false one's that
would put me behind bars for life but I can't remember what they are and where they
are. (just kidding mr police man, sir)
I can tell that I'm not as fast at some things as I once was. They say that when you
are almost as old as your oldest living brother, the pulse slows down, the hearing
goes and you've gotta go more often. I don't know though since I'm not that old. Time
will tell, I guess. I just hope I can remember when I'm that old to remember what I
just said. (what was it, Ethel?)
Well, I better get to bed because I need my rest at my age.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am through reading a book by Leonard Sweet, I Am a Follower, that has spoken
to my soul so may times that I must re-read it again and again. He is concerned
that those of us who call ourselves "Christians" are more concerned about what
it is to be a leader than a follower. The entire book seeks to have us reflect upon
how we should follow the only Leader, Jesus Christ. We don't need more books,
seminars or sermons. What we need is to follow Jesus more. In so doing, we will
help others come to Christ.
We all have played Follow the Leader" in our life time. But have we followed the
Leader named Jesus? It isn't a game. It's a life-style to get others on board as
believers. I challenge you to read this book because it will help you have a better
understanding of what being a Christain is all about.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Today has been one of those day's I'd like to have many more of. I went to Barnes & Noble
this morning to meet with a group of six people I have coffee with often. Today one of the
group paid for my coffee before I could do it (I pretended my left hand hurt & I couldn't
reach my billfold - kidding).
Today we talked about so many things that my head got dizzy before we we're through.
When we broke up, I picked up a book called Quite to read a few more pages from it. I
really am interested in it because it deals with being an introvert or an extravert. I need
to see which one I am. Then today, a good looking woman asked me to go out to eat with
her at Panera Bread. She even paid for it with my honey money. When we parted, I
went back to Barnes & Noble and read some more while sipping more coffee. When I
got too tired to stay there, I headed home. When I got home, I read again before sneaking
a short nap in before my wife walked in the door from an afternoon of shopping. We had
planned to go out to eat tonight but thought it best to stay home and eat left-overs. They
were good the day after.
The Today Show has become The Tonight Show because I'm about to go in our bedroom
and watch tv there. Letterman, Leno, etc are on my menu for entertainment tonight. If
I get bored, I will click it off and head to dream-land. Speaking of dreams, last night was
wild! I attended a service at a church where I got bored before the preacher was through
preaching, so I left to go to the parking lot and get in my car and leave. However, I was
blocked in the parking lot by six or seven open caskets. Funeral directors were everywhere
I looked. When I got brave and hit the gas to get on my way, all of the sudden a procession
of people were marching on the street so that I couldn't leave. About that time I woke up
wondering what the dream was all about. To tell the truth, I don't want to now Today or
Tonight or tomorrow! (spooky stuff - too much to eat before going to sleep?)
Anyway, it has been a good day. I look foward to a good night's sleep without spooky'stuff
being back in my dreams.
I hope you had a great day.